Anybody can dream about building a dream house. But it is the architect who provides your dreams with wings and helps them fly. It is the job of your architect to design and plan your dream house, collaborate with Builders Moranbah and suppliers, locate home sites, determine the energy efficiency of your house and come up with excellent floor plans that will fetch great resale value in the market.

It is an architect’s duty to maximise the market value of your dream home through an exceptional design and give you the best value for your dollar. Architects are not only involved with the design concepts, they also supervise building construction and issue completion certificates.

Why Hire a Registered Architect?

There is a difference between ordinary home designers and architects. A registered architect is a person who has professional degrees in architecture and is a registered member of the Architects Registration Board.

A registered architect in Australia has to study architecture in reputable institutes, successfully pass his board exams and complete the necessary internment to obtain his registration. As a result, registered architects often charge much more than ordinary building designers and the latter are not entitled by law to issue project completion certificates.

A registered architect will do a good job of coming up with building designs and feasible floorplans that have better chances of government approval. Your architect will probably retain copyrights of the documents and drawings used for designing and building your housing project.

The professional painters and decorators can also help in making your home a dream house!