Gold Coast Airport Car Rental, Hire

Explore Car Rental Gold Coast now offers a booking enquiry service for your convenience. Select a rental car to begin the process, and submit to our customer service team today... We'll check availabilities and put together the best possible price and contact you promptly with the details. Enquire Now!

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Business Signages

Business signs are the best form of outdoor advertising. You need to research on the companies that provide business Signage. Browse online for a few companies, run through their website and look at their picture galleries for the ideas on business signs. Call at least two or three companies and ask them questions about outdoor advertising. Compare the prices of the shops but decide on one only after you visit it in person.

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Security Screen Maintenance

You can use silicon sprays to clean the exteriors of your screen. Make sure you use upward strokes on one side of the screen and downward strokes on the other side for best results. A soft mop and soapy sponge should be used to clean the screen before rising with water. Don’t use hot water to clean your security screen as this might expand the metal. Also don’t use sprays meant for normal screens on security screens.

Security screen doors will cost more than normal insect repellant or patio screens as they add an element of protection to your home. You can expect window screens to cost around $150 per piece and door screens will cost you a minimum of $500.