Mattresses are made of various layers like foundation, padding, quilting and tufting. A mattress foundation is made of a wooden frame with spring coils. The quality of the mattress is judged by the number of steel coils, their height and the thickness of the wires which gives the correct tension and support to the bed.

Mattress padding comes on top of the foundation. There can be several layers of padding made of materials like cotton, foam or polyester arranged suitably to give maximum support and comfort.

There are also non sprung mattresses that are made of latex, polyurethane or visco elastic foam rather than springs. Foam beds are very versatile and can be used on adjustable beds as well.


Beds are available in several sizes like single, twin, double, small double, king size, queen size and super king size. Choose the one that fits your needs best depending on the number of people sleeping on it and their physical factors. The bed should be at least a couple of inches longer than the taller partner and both of you should be able to sleep side by side comfortably with enough space.

Value for money

Buy a bed that is available in the range of your budget. Don’t go for the cheapest one. The best bed here means the one that has all the above qualities, posture and comfort holding the highest priority. It is an investment that will last for long. So choose wisely and sleep well.

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