Meanings of Engagement Ring Stones

Choosing engagement rings is more than just looking for the right material that constitutes an engagement ring. It is chosen not only for its design and appearance but also for its meaning and what it means to the couple who are heading down the altar. Engagement rings are created to have a meaning to the couple to be wed and to help with them in making sure that the engagement ring they have chosen is more special is the addition of gemstones. Whether these gemstones are large or small, each gemstone has a representation which can help couples decide on which gemstone to use for their engagement rings.


Engagement rings often carry a magnificent diamond on them and are often chosen by the groom-to-be or the bride as it is not only beautiful, but the saying that “diamonds are forever” can symbolize the love of the bride and groom for each other which will also last forever. A diamond has also several symbolisms that couples can enjoy which will give meaning to their engagement ring. With its clear appearance coupled with its beautiful facets that throw off the colors of a rainbow, the diamond symbolizes purity and faithfulness as well as innocence and love.


Sapphires are also gemstones that are used in the creation of engagement rings. While its bright blue appearance will enthrall couples to be wed, a sapphire brings all the positive wishes that an engagement and wedding should carry. Sapphires symbolize protection for the long journey ahead for the couple as well as encourage the feelings of happiness, faith and most of all, hope to abound which will be a reminder for the couple, should they have problems in the future as husband and wife, to remain steadfast and full of love for each other.


Another popular choice for engagement ring gemstones is an emerald. With its deep green coloring, emeralds give out a beautiful, elegant glow that couples will enjoy. An emerald gemstone is highly unique when used as an engagement ring for the reason that its color is a reflection of purity as well as eternity in the same way as the diamond does but in a different form of gem stone. What makes the emerald stand out from a diamond however, aside from its timeless sophisticated beauty, is that it is highly regarded by many as a source of positive turn in health, be it in physical or mental plane or even in the relationships with other people.