Vehicle Sign Wraps

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Vehicle wraps refer to graphics applied to vans, buses, cars and boats and other means of transport. It makes the vehicle look attractive. It serves as a form of very effective advertising. Full wraps are applied to the entire surface of the vehicle. Partial wraps are used to cover certain portions of the surface. Vinyl, a polymer goes into the making of a vehicle wrap. Installation of a Vehicle sign wraps is best left to professionals in the job. You must give some thought before you take the services of a vehicle wrap provider.

Vehicle Wraps Service – How to Choose?

There are two types of vehicle wraps. The better of the two is made of cast vinyl polymer. The material is such that, it does not stretch or shrink in any way. It can be applied onto curved surfaces and is easy to install and remove. The other type, which is called the calendared vinyl, tends to shrink after some time. This is better applied onto flat surfaces.

Cast vinyl wraps are much more expensive than calendared wraps. Both kinds can be further protected by covering the print with a special kind of film called a laminate. A liquid laminate can be used instead of a film laminate. This is cheaper and offers less protection to the wrap.

Decide on the Type of Wrap

If cost of Car wraps in Sunshine Coast is a factor, you may consider a calendared vinyl wrap on to flat surfaces of your trailer or bus. Cast vinyl wraps are more suitable for cars, which have more curved surfaces. If you intend to go for short term promotional graphics, calendared vehicle wraps are more suitable. Consider all the factors – cost, longevity and your needs, before deciding on the type of graphics.

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