Website Design

The images in your website should not be irrelevant as this will detract from your message. Remember that your website plays a vital role in your online marketing. Avoid using colours that jar the eye and do not complement the overall theme of the website. All important images should have attached tags describing their relevance.

Avoid using logos with differently coloured backgrounds as the colour may clash with the background of the web page creating a cut-copy –paste effect. Transparent logos are best as they merge well with any background.

Functionality plays a key role in determining how high Google is going to promote your website. All your links, contact forms and user interactive options should take people where they want to go. Webmaster tools are used by web designers to fix bugs in the functionality.

Your downloadable files should load fast; ensure that you have chosen a reliable source of web hosting.

How to ensure excellent content for your website?

Text is where most websites with poor design slip up as there are a number of things that could go wrong. Keep the text clear, concise and clean and don’t try to introduce complicated designs. Ask Website design Sunshine Coast to maintain a high contrast ratio between the colour of the background and the colour of the text as this facilitates easy reading. Keep in mind that some of your targeted audience may have impaired vision; use a sufficiently large sized font. Your font should be standard and professional, don’t go about using Comic Sans unless your product is targeted towards kids.

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