Phone Accessories: How to Avoid Buying Fake Apple Chargers

After spending hundreds of money for a new phone, it may seem tempting to replace your old charger or purchase a spare. However, with the abundance of counterfeit products available in the market, how can you avoid buying fake phone accessories?

Fake Apple accessories are everywhere, and whilst they are cheap and easy to find, they can actually cause serious problems for you and your phone. Unlike certified or official accessories, unauthorized chargers will surely give poor performance.

How to spot a fake Apple charger

To identify uncertified cables and adapters, below are some of the things you might want to check:

• The easiest way to spot a fake charger is to look for missing marking such as the CE mark.
• Compared to genuine Apple charges that are matte, precise and high-quality, counterfeit chargers are usually glossy with imperfections.
• Authentic chargers usually weigh at least 40g whilst fake chargers are lighter as these composed few quality components.
• Real Apple USB port has a serial number at the back whilst fake USB port has none and might be upside down or located in a different area.
• Genuine cable has either “Designed by Apple in California,” “Assembled in China,” “Assembled in Vietnam” or “Industria Brasile” and a 12-digit serial number.

How can it affect my phone?

Fake Apple chargers can potentially cause electric shock and might even cause a fire. Continuously using your phone whilst charging or leaving it to charge overnight can put your life at risk.

• Fake charger pumps up less power which takes up to twice as long to charge your battery compared to an authorized charger.
• Chargers, most especially when in-use, can possibly cause overheating or worse, even explosion
• Poor quality components from counterfeit chargers can result in electrocution, damaging your iOS device.

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