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Top 5 Stunning Asian Wedding Makeup

When it comes to Asian wedding make-up, it is always the eyes that complete the whole look. The make-up artist needs to be very meticulous in apply the right color, the right blend, and the right strokes that will look good on the Asian bride’s eyes. Here are some great Asian wedding make-up tips for the bride-to-be:

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1. Smoky Eyes – Playing up the Asian woman’s dark skin tone can be easy. It can be done by layering a brown eye shadow under a black one on top. You have to leave your eye brow in a neutral shade to keep it from overpowering the whole look but make it sultry instead. Remember to apply foundation on the lids before painting.

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2. A Touch of Gold - For the bride with very chinky eyes, using two different colors of eye shadow will make the eyes pop. Asian wedding make-up should focus on the eyes so they are given more depth as Asians have really beautiful eyes. A light gold shimmer along the lids will do the trick.

As with the lips, you can never go wrong with bold colors that will make them look full. Full brows, on the other hand, will add softness to your eyes.

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3. The Cat-Eye - Look super gorgeous with Asian wedding make-up that makes every part of your face pretty. For Asian brides with fair skin, a natural brown eye shadow is applied on the lids and extended a little bit outwards to create a cat eye look. A blend of soft black and brown shadow is used as eye liner. A silver highlighter added to the inner corners of the eyes will help soften this dark Asian wedding make-up. Wear a subtle pink blush and pink lips to complete the pretty look.

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4. Tanned Beauty - The Asian tan skin tone is the envy of many. Wear your skin proud with the right Asian wedding make-up tricks. Nude eye shadow will always look good on you so apply this on your entire eye lid. Add a cool brown shadow to your lash lines and your lower lids. Use dark brown eyeliner, curl your lashes and apply black mascara. Remember to always use a brow pencil that is a shade lighter than your brow. When applying this, extend a little bit out of your brows. Your lips are pretty enough but make it look more kissable with an apricot shade of lip gloss.

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5. The Fresh Spring Time Look – Asian brides with light skin tone and full brow can make their faces look fresh and perfect for a garden wedding with the help of wedding makeup tricks. Orange-brown eye shadow does the magic. Applying it to the outer corners will make small eyes look wider. Dark brown eye shadow blended with orange and black liner applied on the top lash lines complete the no-make-up-but-still-pretty look.