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Why Carpet Cleaners Recommend the Dry Carpet Cleaning Method


If you own a carpet whether at home or at the office, you will constantly need the service of a carpet cleaner. The type of method you use on your carpet is really important because these methods vary in many different ways. While many customers go for the more traditional carpet cleaning methods, the dry carpet cleaning method is now becoming popular.

No drying time

The main reason why this method is one of the most recommended by carpet cleaners is it requires no drying period. Most homeowners want their carpet to dry quickly. This is impossible when it comes to the traditional methods which use moisture and water. Traditional carpet cleaning methods require the customers to wait a few hours before using them while with the dry carpet cleaning method, they can use the carpet right away. This method is especially recommended by carpet cleaners to customers that need to have their carpets cleaned as quickly as possible.

Less Labor Intensive

Unlike other carpet cleaning methods like shampooing and bonnet cleaning, the carpet dry cleaning method is preferred by carpet cleaners because it requires less work and physical energy. Dry carpet cleaning only requires the application of the cleaning compound and then leaving it to crystallize. The method is completed by brushing off the crystals. It is the simplest method carpet cleaners use.

Environment Friendly

Environmentally conscious people prefer the dry carpet cleaning method because it is safe for Mother Nature. It also does not have any adverse effects to the health of the people living in the place where the carpets are used. Carpet cleaners use biodegradable cleaning compounds so disposing it will not be a problem. This means you will be able to have a clean, brand new looking carpet without sacrificing the only planet we have.

Going for the dry carpet cleaning method will help you save our Mother Earth, will not consume a lot of time and energy, and will not risk the beauty of your carpet. Carpet cleaners recommend this method for new carpets and old ones alike. Even Persian rugs with tightly weaved fibers that trap huge amount of dirt can easily be cleaned by the dry carpet cleaning method.