Camper Trailer

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Camper Trailer

Whether you plan to cross mountains, ravines, rivers or deserts, this heavy camper trailer is just perfect. On-road trailers are extremely sturdy and made of thick steel sheets. They can negotiate any terrain which can be traversed by a 4wd vehicle. These camper trailers have 7 leaf springs, independent suspension and an off-road fastener which enables the trailer to spin around at different angles.

Since these vehicles are heavy, you can carry any amount of camping gear and other necessary items for month-long trips. With an off-road trailer, you can explore the wildest and most inaccessible parts of Australia.

Side-fold Camper Trailers

If your family has four to six members, you can hire this type of camper trailer from trusted campervan hire Perth. Side fold trailers have enough room to accommodate mid-sized families comfortably.

Depending on your requirement, you can hire a trailer with a nine feet side or twelve feet side. Side-fold trailers usually have soft floors which are made of extremely thick vinyl. The prime advantage of this type of flooring is that the tent area can be increased as desired. Some new variety of side-fold trailers also offers hard floor.

Rear-fold Camper Trailers

Smaller families can opt to hire the rear-fold trailers from camper trailer rentals and add additional rooms if required. Such trailers come with hard floors and the tent can be suspended above the terrain with adjustable legs made of metal.
The floors are made of hard metal sheets, fibreglass or plywood to make them extra strong. Hard floor rear-fold trailers are well-suited for camping in uneven rocky areas.

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