Caravans Storage: How to Pick the Best Units

According to the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, an estimated 6,000 campervans and caravan units are registered in every state back in 2017 – and the numbers are growing. The popularity of this type of storage and housing unit has created a need for caravans storage.

Why is it needed?

Let’s face it: most people don’t really use their campervans daily. They’re a great accompaniment to a family vacation, trip or hike. The space they provide makes long drives a lot more comfortable than a regular car. However, because they do take up a lot of space, they usually can’t be stored in regular garages. They take up space on side parkways as well.

When parked outdoors, a caravan is exposed to a lot of risk factors. First of all, since it’s unmonitored out in the open, burglaries are a real threat. Anyone can simply go into the campervan when it’s not supervised. On the other hand, towing is a real concern for those who park on side streets and is an unnecessary hassle.

Campervans are also exposed to the elements when they’re parked outside. Whilst they are highly durable and can withstand climate changes, they can get damaged much easier when solitary. The metal can corrode due to frequent exposure to the harsh sun and torrential rain. Branches, leaves and other debris can also fall onto the vehicle.

Because of these reasons, most owners prefer to rent out spaces to park their units.

What should I look for in a facility?

Security is one of the main concerns you should have when picking out a facility. The area should be fully gated and locked. This ensures that people can’t just come and go in the vicinity. Camera surveillance is a must, as it allows you to monitor all activity in the campervan.

Having a repair service on site is preferable. Most campervans need repairs and maintenance every so often. This makes it more convenient, as you won’t have to go to a third-party service provider. Lastly, consider your budget. It’s best to go with a facility that offers rentals at varying price points.

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