China Import Formula: Choosing the Product to Import and Sell

When starting a business from scratch, some people might be running in circles, without a sense of direction. With this, business owners can commit mistakes that cost a lot of money. One thing matters and that is the urge to learn. If you’re not yet importing goods from China, why not check out China Import Formula to know how you can earn more profit from the import lifestyle.

Brendan Elias has been doing this business for years, that’s why he can help you with a lot of your concerns. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right items to sell:

Don’t be afraid to take risks

Nobody is good at something for the first time. Hence, don’t be afraid to take risks and invest your money. Before doing this, make sure to conduct series of research to find out the best products to sell. Ask around, maybe a few friends and family to know crucial ideas.

Start by asking yourself, ‘What do I want to sell?’ and from there, enumerate the things you’re passionate about. Maybe in photography or an electronic gadget.

China Import Formula has a lot of lessons online to help you figure out the best items to import. There are also blogs to help understand crucial things about the import lifestyle.

Think about the supplier

If you’re planning to sell gadgets, make sure to conduct a research about the suppliers. Doing this can also help you avoid scammers which are found on the Internet.

Since the money involved in this activity is quite big, ensure that all transactions are safe. Document everything to have a proof. In case something bad happens, you can file a complaint.


Talk to your supplier about a specific request. Innovate and seek ideas from the supplier, friends and family.

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