Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial air conditioning provides great comfort to a workplace especially during summer when its extremely hot. Making your commercial air conditioning alway on top condition not just gives cooling environment to your employees but also to your clients when conducting business. Here are some advice to keep your air conditioning work at its best all the time.

Check the air filters

Air filters control the air entering the office space. A blocked air filter will make the machine work extra hard at pulling the air through the system. It will also consume more electricity, thereby raising your bills.

A dirty air filter will blow dust along with the air into the office and scatter around the work area. Air filters need to be cleaned and changed regularly. Since most offices need commercial air conditioning around the clock, the air filter needs regular inspection. On an average, you need to change the air filters on a monthly basis.

Check the ducts

Ducts perform the function of carrying the air from the air conditioner to the office space. They are attached to the ceiling, walls and floors. The ducts, over a period, also collect debris and dirt. Since they bring in the outside air into the office, they often carry the dust that accumulates in the passageway. Therefore, the ducts also need to be dirt-free.

Many a times, the duct starts leaking air. This means that even though you keep adjusting the temperature of the air conditioner, you will not enjoy the full cooling effect. The professional maintenance technician or a Home handy man Gold Coast will seal any air leaks on the ducts. He will clean and clear all the debris collected in the ducts so that there is no blockage of airflow.

Regular monitoring

You need to look out for signs that indicate the need for maintenance of air conditioner. Listen for any increasing abnormal noise while the air conditioner is operational. You also need to ventilate the attics so that the humidity in the office reduces. The office is dry and effect of cool air circulation is better. See Cleaning Auckland!