Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is a substantial investment when it comes to a carpet that you have placed in your office or at work. It is an investment which needs to be maintained over time like if you have bought a car for your business, you must change its oil, send to for service etc. If you will not maintain it, after a period of time the car will look old and will also not work properly. Same is the case with the carpets. If you will not maintain it, it will start to look untidy. So its maintenance is necessary.

Now the question is which cleaning methods are right and which are wrong? There are two most used methods for commercial carpet cleaning: Encapsulation and Hot Water Extraction. But before, you get in the depth of these methods; you must know the type of the carpet we are dealing with. You must know about the material and the composition of the carpet only then you can decide the cleaning method.

Hot Water Extraction:

Before moving ahead, let’s be clear that there is nothing like steam cleaning in the cleaning world. Till now, no technology has been introduced that uses enough moisture which can rinse the carpet with the help of steam. Along with this, no machine has been introduced yet that can be used for the Commercial carpet cleaning at the tip of the wand. So, the companies who claim that they are providing the wand tip cleaning for your carpet is fake as they use the hot water extraction method for the cleaning of your carpet. Though you can see the steam while they are cleaning the carpet but that steam is due to the hot water they are using.

The biggest advantage of this technique is that it removes all the dust and other bacteria from the carpet. And the biggest disadvantage if this technique is that the hot water used in this method can deteriorate the back of the carpet which can damage your carpet.


This is basically a solution that is sprayed on the carpet. Then with the help of different machines this solution is spread all over the carpet and rubbed. This solution becomes the carpet protection and will release all sort of soil from it. Then a vacuum is used to remove further soil from the carpet.

The advantage of this method is that no spot left on the carpet and it looks clean. Along with it, no water is used in the washing of the carpet. The biggest and only con of this method is that the carpet pile is not properly flushed.

With commercial carpet cleaning Sydney, they can select the cleaning method for your carpet.