Commercial Dishwashers

With the massive growth in the food and catering industry, more and more restaurants and food joints are opening up. Unlike decades ago, present day restaurants, pubs and cafés are equipped with sophisticated and technologically advanced appliances. As human labour is making way for modern appliances, dishes are no more washed using hands. Using commercial dishwashers has become a trend in almost every restaurant and catering establishment.

You can select the load type (light, medium or heavy) according to your requirement. And you might not be aware that a dishwasher uses lesser quantity of water for washing than you’d need for cleaning by hands. To save on utility bills you can go for an energy efficient dishwasher. You can also choose one that uses water effectively for every wash cycle.

You have loads of clean cookware and dishware on your countertop in minutes. Your kitchen staffs also are able to attend to other chores that need to be completed so that customers’ orders can be delivered timely.

Conveyor dishwashers have several stages of washing such as washing rinsing, sanitising and drying. They are normally used in large establishments and high end restaurants.

Choosing the right commercial dish washers depend on the type and amount of utensils that you need to wash. Make sure that the dishwasher accommodates well into your kitchen. It is a bad idea to install a huge conveyor dishwasher with no space left to move about. Learn about the different operations and settings of the dishwasher so that you can select that suits your needs best.