What is Concrete Cutting?

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Concrete cutting is the process of sawing and removing slabs of cement. Specialised equipment is used to target areas without causing much damage to the surrounding areas. This method has replaced traditional jackhammer styles, as the process is more controlled. You can get a clean cut from the slabs without much effort.

Concrete Cutting

Concrete Cutting

How is it done?

Different types of equipment can be used to cut cement slabs. They can be powered by gas, electricity or hydraulics. Hand saws are best used for small jobs. These are used manually and need to be positioned by a technician. This type of machine is heavy and unstable when in use. This is why technicians still need proper training to do jobs with this type of equipment.

Most equipment nowadays uses a diamond blade. Picking the right one will depend on the type of slab or asphalt that needs to be cut. In cases where steel bars are used to reinforce the slabs, larger, more heavy-duty blades are used. Another consideration is the speed. Some blades are more apt for quick cuts, whilst others are suited for careful removals.

Two methods can be used to cut cement. The traditional method is dry. Because the process can produce a lot of dust, plastic is sheeting is used to control the mess. Technicians need to wear protective gear to protect their respiratory health. Inhaling the by-products can cause damage to the lungs. This is why newer equipment is fitted with vacuum exhaust ventilation systems. These catch most of the dust, reducing health risks.

The wet method is recommended by OSHA, as it’s safer for the workers on-site. Water is used to absorb the dust, making clean-up easier. However, specialised equipment needs to be used, as there can be some hazards with regular electric saws.

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Sawing cement has a lot of applications. It’s used to remove damaged pavements and roads, making way for new concreting. It’s often used in construction and renovations. Its use is not limited to concreted surfaces, too. It can be used on any hard surface, such as brick, asphalt and masonry.

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