Corporate Video Production

How to Create an Effective Corporate Video Production

Nowadays, existing technologies have made it possible for just about any organization to create their own corporate video production. The video may be done for various purposes like, increase sales, recruit potential employees, train employees, etc. However, people just can’t create their own videos and expect immediate good results. Video productions can bring in wonders for the company or do the opposite if not done right. For serious marketing campaigns, it is best that professionals be consulted for best results.

For those planning to create their own corporate video production, here are important notes to consider:

  • Identify Specific Goals – Does the video aim to bring in 1,000 new clients from the Middle East? Is it intended to maintain existing customers?
  • Create Targeted Video Content – If the intention is to bring in 1,000 new customers from the Middle East, it is best to create something that would appeal to potential customers in the area. Look for benefits that your company can bring in for the customers in the area and find a way of presenting it that would be appealing for them. Make sure that the video contains the intended message and call to action within 45~ 60 seconds. Don’t go beyond that for people’s attention span doesn’t last that long. Choose your words and graphics well. Make sure that every frame counts.
  • Methodology- Will you shoot a full corporate video production or will you utilize computer graphics? Any of those methods or a combination of both will work. It all depends on how it’s done.
  • Make sure that the target audience gets to see your video- If you want 1,000 new customers in the Middle East, find ways for them to see your video. Use any or all of the available tools that may be used. Buy a new targeted mailing list, use the list that you have, advertise using Google AdWords, create a social media marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Full attention to technical details. Make sure that the video is seen by the target audience. If the video will be uploaded in your website, make sure that there’s enough bandwidth so that your site will not crash. There’s this website that heavily marketed its coverage of the Manny Pacquiao Vs. Oscar De la Hoya boxing match for one month. However, they failed to subscribe for extra bandwidth that on the day of the match, their website was unable to accommodate the surge in subscribers and crashed. As a result, many people expecting a live streaming or blow by blow account ended with blank webpage. Not surprisingly, they were very disappointed.
  • Quantify Results. Statcounter and Google analytics are pretty much standard tools that will enable you to check on the geographical location of your viewers, the pages they visited, length of visit, entry and exit pages, etc. If you are targeting 1,000 new customers from the Middle East for instance, find out how many views you got from the area. If by chance, you notice a fairly huge number of views from a totally unexpected place like Australia, find out why and capitalize on it. If the realization is, your video interests them as well, prepare immediate follow ups in order to capture that market.

A corporate video production is a great way of conveying messages. It may be to ask customers to buy products or services, train employees how to handle customer complaints or it may be as simple as greeting clients on their anniversaries. Study the effective methods well and make waves.