Why Divorce Affects Child’s Education & Life

The first direct affect is on the mental health of a child. It is seen that children with separated parents are more aggressive, feel lonely and are not very friendly in nature. This loneliness can even result in depression or suicide in worst cases. These children need support, they need someone who can love them and take care of them. But in most of the cases, children end up being lonely, vulnerable and irritated. They don’t develop a stable frame of mind.

Behavioural problems at school

This is another complication resulting from a divorce. Children have behavioural problems at school. The loneliness, anxiety and/or depression might prevent them from mingling with other students. They might be violent or agitated most of the times. No one would want to be friends with them, further complicating the process and leaving them even lonelier.

Vulnerable to ailments

High amounts of stress, anxiety and sadness can make a child more vulnerable to different types of ailments. They can start smoking, and become addicts. They might also develop other addictions, in their quest for peace. They have high risk of developing mental diseases, high blood pressure, stroke and other heart ailments. Some studies have shown that children with divorced parents also die earlier than those with a happy family.

More disturbed – leaning towards crimes

Aggression and feeling of loneliness pushes these children more towards crimes and other negative behaviours. Parents should see how their divorce has affected their children and take steps accordingly. These children tend to lie more, are more violent, tend to commit crimes and conceal things. They should always be dealt with carefully.

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