What is Earthmoving?

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Earthmoving is the process of digging up large amounts of soil in a particular area, then transporting it to a second location. Because it takes a long time to do this manually, heavy equipment is used for maximum efficiency. This method is used in a variety of applications. It’s an integral part of construction, landscaping and many other projects.


How is it done?

Safety comes first in these projects. The construction site is sealed off from the general public. Once the area is clear, excavators are used to digging up the area. The depth will depend on the project itself. For constructing taller structures, deeper holes are needed to lay down a stable foundation. The displaced soil is placed in a loader truck. It’s then transported, then disposed or used for other purposes.

Like any construction project, there are certain hazards during the excavation process. Heavy machinery can be dangerous to operate. This is why contractors who work in this field need to have a licence. They’re trained in the safest work practices to prevent accidents from happening.

Why is it done?

Construction is the number one purpose of excavation. Buildings, homes and other man-made constructions need a steady base to make it structurally sound. As a general rule, the higher the structure, the deeper the dig. However, these services have other uses.

Landscaping uses earthmovers to completely change an area’s aesthetics. They can be used to build retaining walls, adding some texture to the land. When building patios and balconies, the same construction principles apply – foundations need to be laid down. In some instances, earthmovers are used to level off the land. This helps prime the soil for further development. They’re used in farms and gardens to make sure all plant life grows evenly.

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How do I hire one?

When looking for earthmovers, the first thing you should look for is licensing. They should be qualified to operate heavy machinery. You should also look for the state of their equipment. All apparatus should be well-maintained and in good condition.

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