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Dental Care For Children’s Milk And Permanent Teeth

If your child’s permanent tooth has fallen out, then handle the tooth by the smooth white end of the tooth and not the roots. Rinse the tooth with milk or alternatively, make a normal saline solution to clear the tooth of any debris and dirt. Only rinse it for a few seconds, not longer. Fit the tooth in its socket, gently to avoid hurting your child. Ensure that the tooth is properly facing the mouth. Make sure the tooth stays in place by making your child bite on the handkerchief or by using some foil to secure the tooth in the socket. Take your child immediately to the dentist’s office.

Keep things simple for children, ask him to spit into a cup and store the tooth in the saliva. This is a simple method if you can’t get a hold of a solution or milk.
What holds true for adult teeth is not the same for children, as their milk and baby teeth have to fall loose on their own. Hence, you don’t try to put milk or baby tooth into the socket. If it fuses into the socket, it will affect the growth of the permanent tooth underneath.

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Don’t clean the tooth with any kind of cleaning agent regardless if the label says it is non toxic and safe, and then let the tooth dry out. In all instances, you have to visit an emergency dentist who will help you deal with the problem.

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