4 Creative Ideas for Exhibition Stands

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Exhibition stands need to be carefully and thoughtfully planned. After all, its main purpose is to present and launch new products on the market in a creative and engaging manner. Since this is the case, you want to go all out and think outside the box.

Exhibition Stands

Below are some innovative ways to truly stand out from the crowd:

Exhibition Stands

Interactive Apps

There is a growing need for more engaging and participative content. What better way to do this than by incorporating interactive applications? This 2018, expect to see more interactive business apps. Not only will people get to know more about the product, they’ll feel more involved as well.

By creating an app that reflects your brand and effectively tells your story, you can easily interact with different people at your own pace. Try to place QR codes in your stands so guests can scan these and gain more insight into what your company offers.

Augmented Reality

If you want to create a fun and exciting way for your guests to learn about your products, consider using augmented reality. This can give your customers a great 2D or 3D interactive experience. By allowing them to discover various scenes and angles, augmented reality can be a tool for them to understand what you can bring to the table.


Robots have always fascinated many individuals. To elevate your exhibition stand, why not have a robot holding this? People would surely flock to your stand when they see you have a robot for assistance. Aside from drawing in prospects, these robots can also be programmed to answer questions, gather data and move around the exhibition.

3D Printing

To stay one step ahead, consider having 3D printing as part of your exhibition stand. Curious guests can see how your product comes to life. Aside from walking them through your process, it helps that guests will remember you with the token they have received.

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