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Kinds of Innovative Features That Can Make Insect Screens Work Better

Gone are the days when installing insect screens meant that you had to compromise on aesthetics and comfort. Traditional screens were bulky, visually unimpressive and took hours to install and remove. Modern insect screen manufacturers have come up with a host of innovative features that make installation and use of these screens really easy. Know more about the beneficial effects of modern day screens.

Easy installation

Modern screens come with a 45 minute installation process. This basically means that your home can become insect resistant in an hour. What you will need for the installation is a couple of simple mechanical tools, the instructions for installation are printed on the manual and it’s simple to take care of the installation process if you go step by step. Unlike traditional screens, the modern versions require no swing, cutting or breaking. This basically means that there is no chance of damage to the window ledges or the window frame during the installation process.

Secure locking systems

Modern window screens are all enhanced with a superb 3 point locking system which means that your home will now be triply protected against intruders. The locking points lie at the op, middle and at the bottom of the window frame. After prolonged usage, one of the points may malfunction and that’s when the other two locks hold the system in place. So till the time you call in security doors Perth WA you know that your home is secure.

Security and bug protection

Some window screen manufacturers offer a system where the fine meshed insect protecting screen can be quickly exchanged for a glass screen or a security screen. There is a switch installed at the bottom of your windows which will help the insect screen to retract and then push the security screen into the existing door frame. This system allows burglar protection coupled with insect protection and you can keep your family doubly secure. The system for switching the screens is very simple and it only takes minutes.

Enhanced clarity

Traditionally insect screens were made of fine wire meshes made of aluminum or stainless steel. While these were great for insect protection they did tend to obstruct the view a little. If you have beautiful view or a lovely garden in front then you will obviously want a clearer screen which will help you enjoy the view. Fortunately modern screens have up to 50% more clarity and help you enjoy the view outside.

Convenient pet doors

Pet owners would like to give their pets freedom to move in and out of the door. Modern insect screens in Brisbane are self storing and they have a separate inlet which can be used by your pets to go in and out as they please. Modern screens come with a single hand operating system i.e. they can be operated with one hand. There are also rekeying options available on some screens so that you never have to carry around an extra key along.