General Cleaning

Health Benefits of General Cleaning

Aside from keeping your place clean, conducting a general cleaning may provide you health benefits. Cleaning might be one of your annoying chores to-do list but there are studies that shows importance and health significance it could give. Did you know that cleaning your place every day may lessen your chances of having Alzheimer’s disease when you get older?

This is not just the health benefit, read on the list to know more of the benefits you could get from general cleaning:

General Cleaning Burns Extra Calories

Though you might not get into a whole body workout, cleaning can be considered one of the best fat and calorie melters. You can get 205 calories from your body by just doing a cleaning frenzy around your place. If you clean straight for the entire hour, you could sweat really badly and that would mean good for your body. You will not just clean your place but you can also be healthy by removing those calories in your body.

General cleaning relieves stress.

Yes. Twenty minutes of cleaning your place may also lessen your anxiety and stress for up to 20% also. This study was conducted in 2008 proves that cleaning may help in relieving anxiety problems. You should be stress-free after a whole general cleaning up drive because all of your things will be arranged accordingly and you could see immediately the things you hardly found when your home or place is not clean such as those car key, remotes and headsets.

General Cleaning helps you relive your allergies.

A clean home or office is likely to lessen your allergies and even asthma. As we all know that asthmas and allergies can be triggered by an unclean environment. Cleaning and sweeping your floors, vacuuming it, dusting your furniture, regularly cleaning and changing your curtains, pillows and bed sheets may really help in achieving a clean and allergy free home.

Wooden floors need a special attention. For this type of flooring, wooden floor polishing is necessary.

General Cleaning can be an anger outlet

If you are depressed and angry over few things or people, you could vent or release your anger in cleaning your place. In this way, you did not just clean your place but you could help yourself from depression. Cleaning can be helpful as you cannot hurt or say bad things to people. Release your anger through cleaning and vacuuming your entire place. Be angry at the dust and dirt that can be found on your home.

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