Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing offers the highest level of flexibility as far as security is concerned. Security is the prime objective behind erecting a fencing barrier all around the fibreglass pool. Tubular structures made of steel allow small children, kids or pets to slip in through the gaps between the bars. While trying to break in, their limbs might get trapped.

Wooden fencings are subject to wear and tear and decay. Metal fencings will corrode or rust over time. Toughened glass fencings are break resistant and not prone to cracking or shattering. Further, these can also endure the vagaries of weather and immune from rust or corrosion.

You’d naturally want the swimming pool in your home to serve its purpose. The area around the swimming pool can also double up as a temporary recreational retreat during the summer season. At the least, you’d like to get a crystal clear view when you’re standing in front of it or watching from your home.

Glass fences come with panels that are so transparent that a casual observer won’t even feel that there is a barrier in between his vision and the swimming pool. Glass pool fencing also requires minimum maintenance. You’d just need to clean the panels with cleaning solutions once in a while and the supporting frames made of stainless steel are maintenance free.

Wooden fencings are extremely durable, offer exclusivity, and can block access to small children or kids. But these completely block off the view, takes time to install, and you’d need to regularly paint them and maintain them to keep them free from termites and carpenter ants.

Nowadays, treated or laminated wood fencings are widely available. You can also choose from different styles, designs and colours of wooden fencings but you’ll have to be prepared for regular upkeep that can cost you quite a sum.