Granny Flat Designs

Things You Should Not Do When Building Granny Flat Builders

First of all, what really is a granny flat? A granny flat is a self contained flat that is originally meant for grannies, hence the name. It is most of the time just a small flat meant to accommodate at least 2 persons. But of course, you can have it bigger as well though there are some limitations as you might already need to obtain additional requirements or building permits if you will have it too big. Most of the time, one of the biggest mistakes anybody can make when wanting to have a granny flat built is the choice of the granny flat builders. With that said, if you are on the task of scouting for one, see to it that you will be making the right choice. Take note that there are too many fishes in the ocean making your task a little stressful.


For you not to do the same mistakes others have done here are some of their own mistakes:

– Rushing to sign the offered contract after hearing overwhelming offers. This should not be the case. No matter what offer you will hear, you should first evaluate everything. You may be overwhelmed of the very promising deal when after the contract is signed, that’s when you realized that there are many conditions and every add-ons you will make means additional pay.

– Another thing is you are too excited to have a granny flat that you want the project to start rolling right away, thus you sign the contract without even reading it. This is another very risky move on your part. Take note that a granny flat will take probably months to build and along the way, some unpredictable situations might occur. For you to be ready for things and situations like these, be sure that you have fully read and understand what you are signing for.

– One more thing that you should not do is committing to a granny flay building company when after all, you have not even decided yet about some aspects in the granny flat you want to be built. What if they are not capable with the design you have in mind? Take note that we are talking about a good amount of money here. You might only be wasting what you have earned by being so excited in getting things done. If you’re looking for professionals, check the granny flats design Perth.

– When you are interviewing your prospect company, you should know how to ask the right questions. Don’t ever feel intimidated by them as you should be in the upper hand situation here being you are a potential customer. Don’t think that you are already annoying and you might irritate them. You have every right to be inquisitive and you are just protecting your interest.

So, with these common mistakes laid out to you, you can now make sure that you will not commit the same mistakes and end up with a reliable and capable granny flat building company.