Grout Cleaning

How to Clean Bathroom Grouts

Bathrooms are one of the most used or visited room in a house or in any establishment for the reason that we, humans, cannot escape the call of nature. This is why the cleanliness of bathrooms are necessary. In most bathrooms, the floor and walls are covered with tiles. Tiles are actually easy to clean but the struggle comes when your tile grouts are overly dirty and you do not know how to clean them deeply and properly.

Grouts are those porous gaps between tiles. Yes, grouts are porous and they get stains easily and are basically difficult to clean deeply if they are covered in thick dirt and grimes. But you do not have to worry and feel ashamed about it anymore because this article will provide you some tips on how to clean your bathroom grouts with the use of a homemade grout cleaning solution.

To make this grout cleaning solution you must have the following materials: vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide (optional), any brush (you can use toothbrush or grout brush), spraying bottle, and a little container or bowl to use for mixing the solutions.

Now here is what you need to do with those required materials:

1. Begin with the vinegar. Pour 1:1 mixture of water and vinegar into the spraying bottle until it becomes full. Once done, you could spray the mixture onto the grout surface and all over the area which you desire to clean. Leave it for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, you could start brushing your grouts as a follow up. Wash it with warm water once you are done brushing the grouts.

2. Make use of the baking soda. In your little bowl or container, create a paste-like mixture through utilizing water and baking soda. Plunge your brush into the paste and apply it to the grouts. Spray the water and vinegar mixture again onto the tiles and grouts. This will create a bubbling effect because of the vinegar and baking soda’s reaction and would then begin to cleanse your grouts. Utilize the brush and keep brushing your grouts until you get rid of those nasty dirt. Wash it with warm water again after brushing.

These two simple steps should work well in cleaning your grouts. But if your grouts are covered with tight and solid dirt and stains, then you could try using the hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide works well in deeply cleaning tough stains and dirt in your grouts. You could start spraying the hydrogen peroxide onto the dirty grouts and leave it for some minutes. After some minutes, start brushing to really clean the grouts.

The tough dirt and stains might not be extracted in your first try so you could do the same step again to achieve a clean grout. If your grouts are still not cleaned even after a few tries, then you could create a paste-like mixture utilizing the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Work the paste onto your grouts, leave it for a few minutes, brush and wash with water.

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