How to Install Fibreglass Pools

Fibreglass Pools make an excellent addition to any home. Read on to find out how to install a unit, step-by-step.

A home pool brings a lot of advantages. It gives everyone in the family a chance to participate in low-impact exercises. It also raises the overall value of your property. Many homeowners think of concrete and tile when picking materials for a pool. What most don’t realise is that fibre-reinforced plastic and glass make for a better alternative.

Thinking of using this material to build your pool? Here’s how.

Decide on the shape and depth

Before anything else, you should plan ahead. Map out the best shape for your backyard. A layout is important when constructing a pool. For example, geometric shapes like squares or rectangles are more traditional. The harsh edges make them perfect for a modernist, contemporary home.

Oval-shaped structures are less formal and are best for families. The rounded edges make them perfect for water sports. Meanwhile, L-shaped varieties make it easier to separate the shallow part to the deep-end. This is ideal for those who have children.

Start excavation

Excavation is the first and most crucial part of the process. You’ll need to displace the land, depending on how deep you want the structure to be. You can easily hire a third-party to do the job. However, most shell manufacturers will offer the service with your pre-made pool.

Set and level the surface

Setting and levelling ensures that your glass shell has a solid foundation to stand on. Mistakes in this part of the process can cause your shell to break. Gravel or sand could be used to level the surfaces. Most professionals today prefer gravel, as sand is hard to compact fully.


By this time, you should have already picked and ordered your pre-made pool shell. Manufacturers will deliver it to your door and help you install it. Make sure that the shell fits the excavated hole perfectly. Otherwise, you could have problems with breakage. After fitting, the plumbing and filtration systems need to be set-up. The whole process takes two to four weeks.

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