An Island Full of Activity Awaits You at Subic Bay

Thinking about treating yourself and your family to a vacation unlike any other? The things you can do at Subic Bay will live up to your expectations and possibly exceed them.

After the United States military turned over their headquarters in Olongapo to the people of the Philippines in 1992, it was revamped as a zone of free enterprising. This led to the establishment of manufacturing plants for major brands, transforming the base into an international airport and the creation of tourist spots within the coastal areas.

I’m curious. What can I do in this place?

You may begin your tour by trying out the “Ocean Adventure Park”. This marine park has lots of attractions such as whale sharks, dolphins and seals. These sea creatures are a delight to witness in person, and information about their favourite food, habitat and behaviour is provided.

Fond of examining and viewing wild animals? Make sure that “Zoobic Safari” is part of your “to do” list. It houses the biggest collection of animals on Philippine soil, including different kinds of tigers, birds, horses, reptiles and snakes.

If you want to play around in the waters of this paradise place, there are a number of diving sites for people of all ages and skill levels. Diving fans are in for a treat when they explore the depths in dive centres like “El Capitan”, “San Quentin” and “Grande Island”.

If you prefer to explore the world above sea level, the “Bat Kingdom” may satisfy your curiosity. Adventurous tourists can encounter Bamboo Bats and Flying Foxes that are hidden in the forests. Because this location is a forest reserve, nature lovers will enjoy the aromas, sounds and sights of an authentic jungle of vegetation and greens.

There is always something new to look forward to in Subic Bay since hotels and tourist attraction operators will constantly create innovative promotions to keep the guests coming back for more.

By the way, you can also try the houses for rent in Subic Bay. This option is perfect for family and company outings.

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