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Gestational Diabetes – The Dangers

Gestational diabetes is the increase in the level of blood sugar during pregnancy. A woman having no prior history of diabetes may develop this condition during pregnancy. Since the medical condition may pose several dangers to you or your baby, it is essential to keep the blood sugar at a controllable level.

It is crucial to consult a Medical Negligence Lawyer, if you suspect that the doctor handling your pregnancy was guilty of medical negligence. Here are some dangers and risks associated with gestational diabetes.

Hypoglycaemia – You baby can be at an increased risk of developing very low blood sugar levels or hypoglycaemia immediately after birth due to the high level of insulin.

Type 2 Diabetes – Children born to women with gestational diabetes can develop conditions like obesity and gestational diabetes later in life.

Complications Affecting the Mother

High Blood Pressure – Gestational diabetes can increase your chances of developing hypertension or high blood pressure at the time of pregnancy. You may develop eclampsia and preeclampsia, which are complications associated with hypertension. These conditions can pose a threat to the foetus as well as to your life.

Diabetes in Future Pregnancies – Gestational diabetes may recur during a second pregnancy. In addition, you may develop the condition permanently after a few years.

It is crucial to have a healthy lifestyle during and after pregnancy to avoid diabetes. In addition, the medical practitioner attending on you should closely monitor your blood sugar level. A doctor failing to take this necessary step can be sued for medical negligence.