Multi Focal Contact Lenses

How to wear Multifocal contact lenses?

Multifocal contact lenses make it possible for wearers to clearly see at any distances. It becomes ideal for the people who desire for some correction from multiple types of eyesight problems like shortsightedness, or presbyopia (farsightedness).

How these lenses Work?

Multi focal contact lenses have correction for close vision in the center part and the distance vision is corrected by outer edges. It can work in the opposite direction as well that is near vision by outer edge and distance from a center part. Rather than opting for two corrections for distance and near ones by bifocals it is better to correct your vision graduated option for all distances. It enables users to visualize everything very clearly including near and far without any hassle of switching glasses or straining the eyes.

Conditions Being Treated

Multi focal contacts can treat nearsightedness known as myopia that is caused by prolonged reading or other close focused activities. They can treat presbyopia (farsightedness) as well and that makes them a popular option for reading glasses.

Widespread Problems

Undoubtedly it requires time to get used to wearing contacts because some people feel lightheaded when they switch focus with the lenses on. Optometrists believe that these contacts are a better and convenient option but are less effective as compared to glasses.

Multi-focal contact lenses are used on the prescriptions for both distance and near corrections. They are available in rigid gas permeable lenses or soft lenses. However, these are convenient but common issues that are faced with these lenses.


These lenses often produce an issue of clarity. Since these lenses do not allow adequate light to reach the retina and thus images are not always clear and seems like blurred. Wearers can see double images sometimes or they may suffer difficulty in distinguishing objects set against similar background.

Depth Perception

These lenses are produced at different powers that can cause displacement of objects, compromising depth perception. It makes it hard to gauge the distance between two objects. Depth perception can make the illusion before wearer and bring the risk of misjudging distances that can even lead to accidents or falls.

Difficulty Adjusting

People often take time to get used of it. Initial problems can be blurry images or depth perception that can also act as deterrents. It takes some time to learn more clearly for compensating image quality.


How to wear multifocal contact lenses?

1. Wash your hands with clean water.
2. Rub the lenses properly with all purpose cleaner or special liquid for lenses.
3. Using one hand hold the upper lid open in upper direction and other hand to pull down the lower portion to place contact lenses in each eye.
4. Blink your eyes few times to gauge to settle your lenses properly.
5. Wait for few minutes and try to focus once the contact lenses are settled.
6. If you eyes feel dryness or pain of the eyeball then remove them immediately and try to replace them.