Office Chairs

Office Chairs – A Good Quality Chair Increases the Efficiency of Work


Office chairs give the first impression of the company or office to the client or visitor. There are chairs with different types of seating material. These are leather, polyester fabric, mesh or vinyl. There are chairs of different sizes as well. Then there are chairs with arms and those without arms.

Benefits of office chairs

Good quality office chairs provide comfort to the employees which increases the efficiency of their work. A good chair reduces the strain on the hips, back and legs which can be caused by long hours of sitting. This reduces the healthcare expenses of the company which may be related to the poor posture of the employees sitting in uncomfortable chairs. Stylish chairs not only attract the clients through the professional image but also provide the employees with an appealing work environment. Thus boosting their morale and speed of work.

Selection of an Office Chair

Office chairs must primarily provide comfort to the employees and visitors. The chairs must be selected by keeping differences of height weight and size of the employees in mind. There are little differences in the backs and seat heights and width of the chair. The best office chair is the adjustable one which can be made suitable for all structure of people. Fabrics on the office chair depends on the climate of the place. Colour of the covering on the seats need to be matched with other things in the room like the walls, carpet and curtains.

Types of Office chairs

Office chairs can be of different types. They are classified on the basisof the hand rest, height of back rest and adjustable seats.

• Task Chairs are commonly used in offices. They are basic chairs with wheels and swivel to rotate the seat in all directionsExecutive Chairs are similar to task chairs but have a higher back rest. They are more comfortable because they are provided with extra padding on the seat and back.

• Guest Chairs are used for guests for a short time. They do not have any extra features pertaining to mobility, adjustability or flexibility. But they are made to create an attractive look to the place that reflects the image of the particular company with thelogo or theme of the workplace.

• Mesh Chairs have their seats and back made of mesh which allows the circulation of air. They are cool and comfortable.

• Ergonomic Chairs-provide maximum support to the backs and are recommended for people suffering from back and spine problems. These chairs have all adjustable features.

• Conference Chairs or boardroom chairs are made in a manner to give a good appeal to the boardroom. These chairs are comfortable but lack mobility and different adjustment facilities.

• Stacking Chairs are normally made of hard plastic. A number of them can be stacked one on top of the other in a small space. They are available in many attractive colours and can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors in emergency.

Office chairs need to be comfortable, attractive and impressive for the people working for long hours and also for visitors coming for a short time.

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