6 Best Papua New Guinea Diving Spots to Visit

When you’re a diving enthusiast, there are numerous beautiful beach spots to explore, and one of the worlds most breathtaking are Papua New Guinea diving destinations.

The country’s oceans are teeming with colourful underwater fish and aquamarine that will refresh your tired soul. Here are the best recreational spots in this Oceanian nation:

  • Port Moresby

The capital city of the country, it’s an island enclosed with clear, deep blue waters. It’s a popular holiday destination for a reason. It’s close to four resorts and hotels where you can stay depending on your preference.

There are even local markets that serve fresh seafood and produce and sell other interesting items you can take back home.

  • Kavieng

Dive and fish enthusiasts are very much welcome in Kavieng. The recommended activities are boat and wharf diving, which you should be trying especially if it’s your first time.

Fond of huge celebrations? Usually, in summer, the Luka Barok Festival takes place where shark-calling is done as a ritual. Whilst in September, there’s Malangan Show and Independence Day held for four days.

  • Milne Bay

If scuba diving’s your main thing, head to Milne Bay. It includes Lawadi, a renowned muck diving site of the province. It’s definitely a year-round diving site favourite which means you may book an accommodation whenever you would like to and not only during summer.

There’s cruising, island hopping, trekking, touring, and bird-watching activities which should take up the rest of your time at the island.

  • Rabaul

Coconut trees and calm waters best describe Rabaul. It’s also the part of the country that’s most culturally diversified – which is perfect for the more adventurous.

There are sports diving, picnics and volcano climbing, which is something that you can’t ever do whilst in the city.

  • Tufi

If you dream of seeing dolphins having fun on the waters or sea turtles hanging out on the shore, then you must visit Tufi.

On the island, kayaking is a must, which will take you to unimaginable islands you can ever visit. Visit during the months of April to November to avoid canoeing in dangerous waters.

  • Kimbe Bay

While underwater, huge corals, large fish, and caves are the things you must look out for—which Kimbe Bay has. So, snorkelling here is the best way to go.

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