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Who Pays Workers Compensation?

It’s common knowledge that if a worker injured in his work premises or suffers from some work related disease he/ she will be compensated for medical and other expenses. However, most people are confused about whom to apply for compensation. There are several myths about this including one that the liability or negligence of the employer has to proved all the time before demanding compensation.

What about hired workers?

This is the tricky part because generally the liability for maintaining health and safety of workers who are operating in the work premises rests with the legal employer. The legal employer for hired workers is the labour hire firm. When another company takes on some hired workers from this labour agency and one of the workers is involved in an accident on the premises the question of liability becomes complicated.

Some states like NSW consider hired workers as deemed employees who are eligible for workers compensation. The rule differ state wise and if you or an acquaintance is involved in a workers’ compensation case involving hired workers it’s advisable to consult Personal injury lawyer Sydney immediately.

For domestic violence, call a family lawyer.

Mode of workers compensation payments

Most workers compensation payments are disbursed weekly. In case a worker dies due to work related injury a lump sum amount is paid out to the dependants. In case a worker has lost a limb or injured himself in such a way which alters his capacity for work permanently, he will receive a lump sum amount in addition to normal weekly payments.