Pest Inspections

Signs of Termite Damage

Termites, the tiny thieves in our homes basically feed on woods and damage structures or buildings till the pest control treatment or renovation is done. They are generally hard to trace till they create some impact on our properties. Termites do feed on plastics, cabinet, plastic ceilings inside the homes as they can travel across these materials.

Though termites may not sound beneficial for homes built in natural environment they can help out improvement of soil fertility as well. A large number of termite species exist in this world but a few only create damage to the structures developed by the human beings. They can be divided as per damage they create to the household avenues and properties.

Drywood termites and treatment

Drywood termites multiply themselves in numbers within the woods they are present and continue further damage. The way out to avoid drywood termites is a denying them direct access to wood. However, these types of termites will not enter a good paint coating.

One can also refer to Pest Inspections for proper chemical treatment so as to avoid further damage. Pre construction planning and sealing all the natural and building cracks will help to avoid drywood termite to grow and build colonies. See

Damage by Subterranean termites

The Subterranean termites basically feed on wood with the compulsory presence of moisture. These types of termites can destroy home foundations, plastics. A major growth of damage caused by these types of termites is seen from the past few years. These types of termites generally feed on the woods for nutrition source as cellulose. It is difficult to deal with this kind of termites that is why you need to ask the help of Pest and Building Inspectors.

It is important to get rid these termites not to the point it reaches your beds.

If you need someone to help you out in pre-purchase building inspection, hire Pest Inspections.