What Do Core Muscles Do?

Core muscles help perform a majority of bodily functions. It is therefore necessary that these muscles are kept properly toned and fit. Core stability is used extensively in physiotherapy to treat and correct serval problems like:

    • Reducing Back pain


    • Maintaining muscle balance so that the risk of injury is reduced.


    • Help sports persons improve their performance by making the core muscles stronger.


    • Correction of posture to help reduce back pain and in treatment of spondylosis.


Once you active core stability through physiotherapy, all the core muscles will work in tandem. This will help you perform your day to day activities better, more efficiently and with minimum strain and stress.

Core stability can help everyone from the house wife to the athlete, pregnant women and post partum women.

Since your balance is perfectly maintained, the risk of falling or hurting yourself is greatly reduced. Whatever your profession, whatever your role in life, if you work to improve your core stability through Sydney physiotherapy, you can do whatever you do better and more efficiently.

Severe wounds and abrasions – Sports Injury

While most of the above injuries relate to internal injuries, it is also common for sportsmen to suffer from external injuries like wounds and abrasions. These open injuries may cause infections if not treated in time and more importantly treated appropriately.

The extent of the injury can be determined by the amount of blood loss in most cases. Players may need a few weeks to a couple of months of rest before they are able to play the sport again.