Renovation Builders

Renovation Builder

Renovation builders are a group of professionals who specialize in home and office renovation and construction of additional building areas such as house extensions and building storeys. This type of business mainly falls back on workers who specialize in the field of architecture, civil engineering, and construction. Here are some job opportunities that can be found in the renovation builders business and what information they usually need from potential employees.

Administration staff

The administration is important as they keep the business running from the background. This may be divided into several departments such as the finance, human resource and maintenance just to name a few. They are responsible for keeping the renovation builders business in peak condition. The requirements may vary depending on the department the administration is subdivided. Usually they require employees who have finished college or an equivalent of the educational background they need. Employees needed for the finance department however, are preferred to have a strong background in finance and finishing a degree in relation with that may be highly required. A job-related experience may be at the renovation builders decision to whether they should accept fresh graduates or otherwise.

Project consultant

A project consultant’s responsibility is to take care of the client’s needs. He or she should be able to assist the client during the consultation stage and guide the clients what process that needs to be taken in order to achieve the renovation goal as well as provide the clients information on what materials should suit the needs of the client’s budget and give out the quote. The requirement for the position of a project consultant is usually a person who has a degree and possibly a license in either architecture or civil engineering. Again, experience may be up to the renovation builders company’s discretion whether they would hire those with a job experience or not.

Construction staff

Home renovations are never without the construction staff. Educational requirement may not be as high as the project consultants as long as the talent and dedication is present. Often times, construction staff members that are needed for a renovation builder’s team have to be knowledgeable in carpentry, welding and trades. Another definite plus is when the potential employee knows basic plumbing and even electrical wiring so the renovation home builders will have an easier time to perform the necessary changes. It is also important for potential construction staff members to be in peak health with the strength and endurance to match which will last for a solid day’s worth of work.