Reasons to Hire Rope Access Air Conditioning Installers

Banners, billboards, and gigantic LED screens are what you normally see when you drive through the city. But have you ever seen workers setting it up in real time? Most likely, you haven’t. That’s because they do the set up during the late hours of the night. But that’s not the case with installing AC units in tall apartments or commercial buildings. Workers have to do it in the light of day, where residents and office employees are in dire need of a cooling apparatus because of the blazing heat. These technicians are remarkable in that they can work whilst high up in the air with nothing, but a long rope inserted through a hook to move their bodies where they’re supposed to be. Here’s why you need to hire rope access air conditioning installers:

Air Conditioning Installers

Specialised labourAir Conditioning Installers

There are a couple of reasons why you should enlist the help of AC unit installers during a building construction. One includes the fact that the building of high-rise infrastructure is overall unsafe for general labour workers that don’t have an experience in working in risky rope access situations, such as really tall skyscrapers or deep underground tunnels. Without these gears, they might fall to their deaths in both situations.


The brief and effectual installation of the AC unit is well worth the amount you paid for the service. Precious time is not wasted in doing the job, hence they could get other tasks finished by the end of the day.

Less hassle

There’s no worry of paying for larger equipment and additional costs because the electricians themselves do most of the work together and are capable of safety practices. They are professionals with certification and licences, so they know what they are doing.

Quiet and accurate

Compared to your normal installation of cooling systems, you won’t need to endure the noise of metal scraping against metal and random noises that you hear whenever an installation is taking place since the entire job can take place outside.

When it comes to installing the unit, there’s not a standard size. It could be a single or double, depending on which room that it’s going to be placed in. 5th Star Services offers rope access air conditioning installers, electrical and carpentry services. Check their website for more information.