Security Screens

Security Screens

Glass can be shattered easily with a heavy object and sometimes conventional doors or windows can be broken to make forced entries. You should replace all such entrance or exit points that are very old. If you’re not in a position to replace the same immediately due to financial constraints you can install security screens that are relatively cheaper.

Furthermore, you should replace faulty or defective locks with new ones that are of a superior quality. Installing automatic locks is also a standard option. Keep your doors closed even when remaining indoors. Secure all doorways and windows thoroughly when you go out.

Burglars and robbers are always on the lookout for ways to make forced entries and therefore find it quite expedient to make their way into your home particularly if the framework in the doors and windows are made of glass.

Security screen Brisbane fastened to your central door will also act as a fortification when an unfamiliar person rings your doorbell.

Other security measures

These days’ robberies and house break-ins take place even during broad daylight. The prime time for committing burglaries is between 10 AM and 5 PM when most people are in their offices and workplaces.

Once an intruder barges in, he is quick on his job and does not spend more than eight to ten minutes to complete his act. However, this can be avoided through security screens and home security system.

Since it won’t be possible for you to stay holed up in your home all day, you should consider giving your house the semblance of ‘at home’ appearance. Also keep all your valuables safely locked up including motorcycles, bicycles or lawnmowers even when at home.

How about security for the flying insects? Try the magnetic fly screen!


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