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Most Common Causes of Water Damage in Homes

There can be several reasons for water damage in homes. Apart from poor design features in the building like insufficient ventilation and inadequate slopes on roof cladding, there is the issue of defective plumbing. It is crucial to engage plumbing services to assess the problems. Fixing the problems in advance may help you avert a major emergency in your home.

Defective Drainage System

Rainwater and sewerage drains can be a key source of problems. The common hitches for rainwater pipes include insufficiently sized gutters compared to the amount of rain, inadequate pipe protection and poor quality of products used. Moreover, faulty drainage can involve discharge of rainwater towards the building foundations. One of the causes of a flawed sewerage system may be the absence of bedding material to support the underground pipes.

Imperfect Fixtures and Fittings

Faulty fixtures and fittings are a source of considerable damage to a home. Overflowing water tanks or cisterns may cause water to flow over wall surfaces. Broken water pipes, leaks from showers and toilets, ruptured washing machine supply hose and improperly sealed tap flanges can be the root of discolouration of the floors and the adjacent walls. A washing machine with a high-pressure water inflow and water dripping from air conditioners may cause persistent dampness around the units. It is essential to hire plumbing Canberra to address the problems as soon as they are evident.

Faulty roof construction with slates or tiles laid in an uneven manner and badly applied mortar make the roof leaky.