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Free to Air Versus Pay TV – How to Choose 

When it comes to choosing a television transmission model you will generally be confronted by two major choices. Either you opt for pay TV which is quite popular in the domestic market or you stick to free to air TV which has recently undergone a revolutionary change with the advent of digital television and proper home theatre installation. But before you make a final choice it’s better to know about the pros and cons of both options. 

Amount of choice 

Pay TV has a number of customised options where you can view your favourite kind of TV program only. If you feel like watching a certain movie one day you can simply order it just like you order your pizza. There is tremendous scope when it comes to planning your viewing content. In fact you can filter out anything uninteresting from your TV menu list.

Think of Pay TV as a restaurant which serves only your favourite meals day in and day out. If you think that your viewing tastes can change with time don’t worry. There is enough variety of content available on Pay TV to effectively take care of your changed preferences. 

Repeat shows of Premium quality 

What do you do when you missed out on the latest episode of your favourite soap or the live telecast of an exciting match? You simply order for a re run of the older program. Antenna Installations can do the correct installations for pay TV. There I always an option of “view it later” with pay TV so you don’t have to miss out on any TV program ever.