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How to Make A Cold Coffee

As the coffee gets diluted after the addition of ice cubes, you should brew a really strong cup of coffee with heavy addition of strong coffee beans. If you don’t know how to brew your coffee heavy, then take tips from online to help you. You have to be careful of the consistency of the liquid as you don’t want the taste to be watered down.

Other tips

Another idea is to make ice cubes from coffee itself, in the event you don’t like adding ice cubes. It is easy, saves you time and is just as tasty as ice cube filled coffee. Use other extras besides ice, as with hot coffee you can spice up your cold coffee with a heavy dose of sugar, cream or tangy spices like cinnamon.

You can have fun with your cold coffee by drinking it with fruits with a strong taste like strawberries, cherries and oranges. Your cold coffee will taste incredibly delicious as mixed beverage of coffee, fruits and cardamom.

Make your cold coffee according to your dietary needs and tastes, don’t only follow recipes or play it safe. You can make a skinny cold coffee by using the less calorie options of all the ingredients. Use non- or low-fat milk, artificial sweeteners and try sugar-free syrups for your cold coffee. Or coffee beans can be the only ingredient for your cold coffee and nothing else.

Latte Art

The design is created by pouring milk over the espresso while constantly moving the pitcher. The foam separates from the milk and emerges in a pattern which is known as latte art.

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