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Designing a Custom Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring does not have to be a very hard thing to do. When you really know the woman that you are going to ask to marry you, looking for engagement ring will just be easy for you. Also, because of the thrill and excitement that you feel since you are finally asking her to marry you, looking for an engagement ring will be a fun thing for you to do. You do not give engagement ring to your woman every day and since you are already doing it, the excitement and thrill will be what will drive you to look for the engagement ring that you would be perfect for her. If you can’t find a ring that would be perfect for her, you can design a ring for her and it will be a lot more special since you are the one who is designing the ring.

Here are some tips on how you can create the best design that would be perfect for her.

1. Determine the band for the ring.

The band of the ring is very important because it is the circular metal that will be use to hold the stones for the ring that you will make. Choosing the right band for your ring will be quite difficult since there are a lot of band types that looks good. Some men who buy engagement ring choose a platinum band since it is the most durable metal. It is also the most expensive metal use to create a ring. If you have the budget to choose this band then go for it, your woman will surely love and appreciate it. But if you do not have much, there are other bands that will still surely look good for the ring that you are planning to make.

2. Determine how you want to gemstone to be held.

If you are planning to put a gemstone on the ring, there are two types of setting that will hold it, one is the pronged where you can see metals around the gemstone that is used to keep the gem in place and the other one is the invisible type which obviously mean that you cannot see the metal that will hold the gemstone. Here, the gemstones are often placed side by side to keep them in place. Using a pronged setting is a lot safer when the ring is to be worn in a daily basis.

3. Determine the size of the ring.

Knowing the ring size of your girlfriend’s finger is a must when you will ask her to marry. There is this belief that when a man will give the woman an engagement ring that does not fit her, this means that they are not really fated for each other. Some people also say that the pinky finger of a man is equivalent to the ring finger of his woman. But beliefs are just beliefs, there is no harm in asking the ring size of your girlfriend so if you are not sure, ask her.