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An Exporter’s Guide to Shipping

If you ship to Australia, you have to become familiar with the rules and regulations, terms and conditions of international exportation. This will give you an idea of what to expect if you are trying to ship goods to an international destination like Australia.


Goods for international shipment should be packed in strong and durable containers. These containers have to be filled with airtight stuff and sealed adequately. Distribute the weight evenly inside the container, no matter what size it is. Palletise the goods. All packing filler and packages must be created out of moisture resistant materials.

Try to avoid writing down the brand names of materials outside the packages as this can prevent pilferage. Shrink wrapping, seals and straps can also act as safeguards against pilferage. If you are transporting any hazardous material, you have to follow the packing instructions of product specific hazardous goods.

Freight Forwarders

You have to choose shipping company who will act as your agent for transporting your cargo to Australia. Because these freight forwarders handle all kinds of export related documentation, they are well versed with the documentation needs of foreign trade, shipping methods, export regulations of the country of origin and import regulations of the country of destination.

Foreign Import Restrictions

Certain items cannot be exported to specific countries. To receive more information on foreign import restrictions, you can contact the Australian consulate or government embassy in your country, the Trade Information Centre and Export Assistance Centres.