Shower Screens

The Many Benefits Of Using Frameless Shower Screens

Are you contemplating of having a bathroom renovation? If so, why have you thought so, are you discontented with the current look of your bathroom? If that is the case, then better make it right this time. Check out some magazines that showcase different bathroom designs. One of the prominent fixtures in the bathroom is the shower screen. Shower screens are very essential if your toilet and bathe is in one room. Yes, there are bathrooms without shower screens but this can really cause a lot of problems especially if you only have one bathroom/comfort room in your place. By having the shower screen, the other fixture can be used even if someone is also taking a bath. But what type of shower screen you will use? With the competitive market we have these days, you certainly have a lot of options.

There are many types of shower screens and you can research about them online. I will talk however of the most popular and preferred shower screen and that is the frameless shower screen. When you say frameless shower screens, it means that your show screens will be all glass. Except for the necessary accessories, all you will see in your shower screens are panels of glasses. So, you can check out below for their benefits :


– Frameless shower screens are exquisite to look at thus if you will ask a homeowner why he choose to use this type of shower screen, you will surely be told that it is because of the appearance this type of shower screen will generate to their bathroom. of course they are also functional but so are the others. But being transparent and reflective can surely generate that classy look. Besides, there are many types of glass that can be used as material like the tinted glass, etched and still many others. All of them will surely look great in your bathroom.

– They are easy to clean. Well, anything that is made of glass is really easy to clean especially that this is just panel like. All you will probably need to do is use a damp cloth and maybe a glass cleaner if you want and your shower screen will be sparkling clean. It can be done in just a minute actually.

– And as mentioned above, frameless shower screens are purely panels of glasses and no others, then you can expect that there will be no corrosions and rusts even after a good number of years.

– When it comes to durability, compared to shower curtains, frameless shower screens are by far more durable in so many ways though let us just compare in their disintegrating prowess naturally. As for the shower curtains, you can hardly expect them to last longer than three years. But for the frameless shower screens, they will even last a lifetime as glasses will take so long to disintegrate naturally.