Solitaire Bangkok – My Story

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We are always trying new hotels in Bangkok, so I thought we would give this one a go. It looked good on-line and I thought was actually cheap for what was expected.

I requested transport – a car to collect us from the airport. The hotel emailed me back with a small schedule of prices. I requested the Mercedes and advised of our flight number. There was 6 hours between the time it was requested and the time we needed it. Arriving at the airport there was nobody to meet us. I checked the email and the hotel had not confirmed the car booking, so we took an airport limo instead. No big deal at the time… their loss anyway.

Arriving at the hotel it smelled very new, just renovated – Nice! I didn’t mention the car not turning up. We went to our room… upon entry we noticed the table-top with a fair amount of rice and drinking glass rings from the previous guests…. and the floor was sticky and we could see footprints. I asked the concierge if the room had been cleaned at all, he could see the mess and he run to get the cleaners. We just went out and asked them to do it properly. It was okay when we got back.

Nice bed and sheets we turned in for the night…. I put the air-con on the lowest setting… it went down to 18 or 19 I think from memory, but we were still hot. We both couldn’t sleep as the room temperature remained at what felt about 24 degrees throughout the night. I was dipping sweat. We didn’t bother to complain because the hotel was cheap, and nice and new and only the one night for us anyway.

On checkout there were what seemed like Managers at the desk, they were asking about our stay. We were still upbeat and happy, heading off to start a long holiday. We said the hotel is nice but mentioned the car not showing up, and the hot room… but I didn’t mention the rice not wanting to sound like we whinge abut everything. Kitty was his name and he gave me a nice travel adapter as a gift and apologised for the faults. He seemed so eager to please us and asked if we are coming back through – so I told him yes we will be in Bangkok again in 3 weeks. He said “Please let me offer you a free room upgrade when you return” – I accepted.

We then received an email from Pinyapat Panaraj Front Desk Manager who might have been there with Kitty. She mentioned the problems we had in a cut-and-paste email, I could tell it was a template apology because of the different size fonts. True to my word I booked again at the Solitaire Bangkok.

We again emailed ahead and asked for the Hotel car and advised of flight numbers. I sent it to two different address including Pinyapat and said “don’t forget to pick us up this time!”. On arrival at the airport again they were not there, and had not confirmed despite this time having 2 days to arrange it. We again took a Limousine Of Thailand.

Arrival at the hotel at 8:30 PM I asked for Kitty so I could redeem the room upgrade. He was not there – so I asked for the manager, and the front desk girl who could not speak much English said “manager finish already at 6:00pm”. So I asked any duty manager? “No…” I asked who is managing the hotel at the moment – and she just looked at me. Nobody. Clearly here are some reasons for the mayhem. I mentioned the promise for the upgrade and she cheerily sang “Sorry, I don’t know about that story”.

I was now really angry and went to my room and emailed the people involved. Now three days later and nobody has replied to my emails.

In the morning we tried getting an elevator that were SO full of people, low social-economic type people that were smelly and loud! We surrendered lift-cars twice not wanting to share with the smell and noise, but ended up cramming in – Phew!!! I have since read reviews about packs of Indian and Chinese folk staying here, and I now know exactly what that reviewer was talking about. I think the cheap price of this hotel attracts cheap people. The lobby was full of these people… there were so many smoking all around the hotel entrance, their cars parked blocking the hotel Tuk Tuk in… parked two abreast right across the hotel entrance. I asked the concierge to tell them to move, but they looked to afraid. We had to wait 10 minutes for the smoke and people to clear before getting out of there.

I have since sent all this information to the General Manager just earlier today, but so far no reply.

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