Steps to Ease the Repatriation Process

When your loved one passed away in a foreign country, the situation is not only painful but inconvenient because there are a lot of things that need to be handled. Here are the things you need to know about repatriation and how to cope a death in an unfamiliar system:

  • Call the Embassy

The consulate in the country can tell you more details and even help you with the arrangements. They can also find out how the person died or if there are things you need to do, like talking to the police officers and more.

Look for a Funeral Home

Whilst it’s true that you can either hold a funeral on the country where the person died or returned the body to individual’s hometown, a process known as repatriation, you still need to talk to a funeral director located in that specific area. This is because before you transfer the remains to another place, you’ll need to have all the documents compiled, like authorisation to remove the body, a certificate of inclosing and more.

The funeral director will help you all these documents. What’s more, they can also help you transfer the body to any location. The company can also help make a claim on the travel insurance.

Tell the funeral company if an insurance covers for the deceased’s funeral cost and other things. They will contact the insurance company as soon as possible, so everything will be arranged accordingly. They will also charge the payment for the repatriation, the bills and the transferring fee of the belongings of the person who died.

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