Termites Infestation

How Damaging Termites Can Get

Actually, though you probably know termites as harmful and damaging especially when they are in the wrong place like when they will try to invade our homes, the trust is they are also a great asset of our biosphere. For a number of ways, they play a significant role to mother earth like for one, they help hasten the breaking down process of dead plants like the trees, they increase soil aeration which is really good for the plants and many other. But then again, this does not change the fact that they are also one of our worst enemies. They say that when your enemies have brains and they use them that’s when you need to be vigilant. And I tell you, you must be vigilant when it comes to termites as they are known to use their brains and not only that, they outnumbered humans.

For you to understand more here are some of the possible harm that termites can generate:

– These pests are the best when it comes to damaging wood structures because since they feed on cellulose and being the wood is one of them, you can trust that if your house is mostly made of woods, then termites can be just planning to invade it. Woods for them are not only for foods but also for shelter. They make colonies through them and the thing is, you will hardly recognize them until it is too late, like your house is already mostly consumed. This is the reason why most homeowners will really spend thousands of dollars and will hire white ants exterminators just to make sure that their homes will be free from termites.


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– They are also a great threat to other properties like items made of paper, plastics and cloth since they too are cellulose. As a matter of fact, according to statistics, about $5 billion is damaged by termites annualy. In India, there is even a reported case where termites consumed paper bills like it summed up to about $222,000. That is how damaging and fast worker termites are!

– They can also be a threat to human’s health as they said to be carrying with them a fungi that can cause SBS or sick building syndrome which in time can generate more serious illnesses. When you suddenly have headaches, chronic asthma and skin rashes for no reason, then most probably, they are just nearby.

There are a number of ways to eliminate termites though if you want to make sure they will never come back again, you should hire the services of professional termite exterminators just as what others did. Well, of course you can also DIY making use of pesticides that can be availed in the market. But you should know beforehand that such solution is only temporary as you are not really targeting their eggs. In time, they will be pestering you again.

If you really want to protect your property from them, there is only one most effective solution and that is to hire the services of the professional white ants exterminators.