Top Dive Spots in Coron

There are a lot of dive spots in Coron. It’s a popular tourist destination for people who want to see diverse marine life and underwater seascapes. The municipality is located in Palawan, Philippines. If you’re planning a trip to the area, here are a few spots you shouldn’t miss.

Hunter’s Rock

Hunter’s rock is a mere 21 kilometres from Apo Reef. It’s a seamount that’s best known for its rich marine life. It’s particularly popular for being home to sea snakes. These creatures form a carpet on the sea floor, making it a sight to behold. They’re not dangerous and pose no risk to divers.

It’s highly suggested that you visit Hunter’s Rock during the sea snake’s mating season. They are more noticeable during this time, and you’ll see more activity underwater. The months of June and July are the best time. Whilst you’ll still see some activity during off-seasons, they’re not as noticeable.



Akitsushima is a flying boat owned by the Japanese army. It was lost at sea during their occupation and has never been found yet. However, it’s left a lot of wreckage behind. For those who want to see a piece of history in the flesh, this is the best area to visit.

Most people go to Akitsushima to visit the giant crane buried at 25 metres. Partly buried in the sand, it’s become home to diverse marine life such as Yellowfins, barracudas, batfish, groupers, snappers and tuna. You can visit this site any time of the year, but it’s highly suggested you go during the summer months.

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Lusong Gunboat

Lusong Gunboat is the best area for divers with little to no experience. It’s a relatively easy dive, as there are no strong currents. In fact, you can visit the sights armed with just snorkelling gear.

You’ll see a lot of anemones in Lusong Gunboat, even at shallow depths. You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the sights. There’s even a small wreckage site in the area – perfect for beginners who want to learn new skills.




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