Why Use Name Tags?

Think you don’t need name tags in the workplace? Here are four reasons that say otherwise.

Businesses that deal with the public a lot need to have workers with badges. This informs people of workers’ names and positions. Some business owners think it’s unnecessary to equip their employees with badges. What they don’t know is that they’re missing out on a lot of benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should use a tag in your business.

  • They make your employees look more approachable.

In businesses where the employees must talk to the customers, approachability is important. This is especially true for those in the retail and foodservice industry. People are more likely to talk to a person with a badge than those without. After all, in any culture, it’s considered odd to talk to strangers.

A tag makes it okay for people to talk to your employees. It removes the awkwardness of any conversation. Displaying workers’ names and positions inform clients that they’re okay to consult, even when it’s at random.

  • It holds your employees accountable.

Accountability is a vital component of customer service. Without it, people won’t hesitate to do whatever they want with no consequences! Having badges will give your employees accountability because customers clearly see their names. It’s easier to file a complaint about a specific person rather than someone you don’t easily recognise.

The same goes for good customer service. When guests have a wonderful experience with your workers, they know who deserves that tip or complement.

  • They humanise your employees.

Names are what differentiate a person from anybody else. In the customer service industry, it can be pretty hard to close the psychological distance between the guest and the employee. When they know worker names, it’s easier to bridge that gap as it gives a sense of familiarity.

There’s a reason why these badges are part of most people’s uniforms: they work. Whilst they do serve the basic purpose of displaying information, a tag has so many other uses. Those in the customer service industry – retail and food service, in particular – would benefit from badges.

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