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Inbound Marketing Tips for Your Website

Inbound marketing is a pull technique and it aims to draw customers towards your business with appropriate visual content and information. This kind of marketing technique is seen in blogs, e-books, reference documents and other websites which invest time in promotion of new products or services. If you own or manage a website then it’s important for you to know the most popular inbound marketing tips so that you can apply them and increase your “pull” factor.

Making your website design strong

There are several website design systems readily available on the Internet and it will only cost you your time and patience if you want to learn yourself! Alternatively hire competent website designers who can do this for you. Either ways you must make sure that your website design is strong visually and has easy navigation features.

Research proves that websites which have better structure and a cohesive flow have 30% stronger customer retention rates and 20% stronger conversion rates. The logic is simple; a website which is easy to understand will encourage repeat visits and discourage customer flight.

Invest in Search engine Optimisation

When you design the theme make sure that it is a SEO friendly one. Keeping only the visual appearance in mind is not going to fetch you too many benefits in the long run.

On page optimisation is very essential. Include the keyword in the title, URL, headings and text in a reasonable density in every page or post. Use it in the first sentence as well.